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The Frankie Story

Everyone can and will argue that their dog is the best. And none of those people are wrong. Every dog is unique in their own way. It’s moments like these that sink into your heart, memory and build towards the ball of satisfaction and love that you hold for your pet. These memories and moments the Carter family had with Frankie the French Bulldog made him more than just a pet. Frankie’s friendly nature was loved by all, unfortunately he was taken from us too soon. At the age of four Frankie was diagnosed with cancer and passed away. To help Frankie’s spirit live on, Glenn Carter named his business “Frankie Photography” to remind himself and the Frankie family to help others capture their own personal highlights. We’ve been taking photos in metropolitan Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula since 2018. We believe in providing amazing photographs to sporting clubs and providing them with the opportunity to take their club to the next level. We are passionate about our work and producing high quality photos and posters for our customers. Get in contact with us today or check out our services page for more.


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